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Title image with brick effect layered over letters


 0€ / MONTH 

This is the best option to see wether Brickcraft is something you like or not.


 4€ / MONTH 

Working in Vanilla Minecraft without any Mods or shaders!


 8€ / MONTH 

Personally I would recommend to play with this version. Best performance, best looks


 10€ / MONTH 

You and your computer are out of this world! You got a beefy boy PC!

Title image with brick effect layered over letters
Brickcraft Fox | Vanilla EditionBrickcraft Fox | Kappa Shader

Kappa by RRe36

RRe36 is the most talented shader developer out there for Minecraft.

With over 10 active projects, you have a lot to check out over at their site!

Thank you very very for your efforts! ❤

Kappa Shader

A Minecraft shaderpack that aims towards a realistic, but also authentic look.
So it is not plainly using physically accurate equations. It is tweaked to reproduce what you could observe in nature, which usually goes beyond just having equations to describe most phenomena.

This is the shader I use in every screenshot and promotional video.

BSLex 7.3.1

Brickcraft Settings Edition

The BSLex shader takes your gameplay experience to a whole different level.
It aims to make several enhancements to the game’s visuals and the overall graphic settings to render a more realistic look.
This shader is all set up for Brickcraft with the correct settings.


BSLex was made by @LexBoosT

LexBoosT is definitely one of the coolest and top-edge shader creators!

You just need to check him and his newest shader Astralex out!
Thank you for your efforts! ❤



You Have Troubles?

If you do want to play the resource pack with the perfect settings, then I recommend taking a look at the settings page.

Adjusting your settings can improve the quality and performance of the resource pack!

// Additional Links

Minecraft Mods to boost performance

Best Quality and Options

Optifine Mod

OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod. It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures and many configuration options.
Anyone looking for the best graphics on a high-end pc should take a look into it!

Better Shader Performance

Iris Mod

Using Iris you can boost the performance of your game while still harnesing the power of shaders.

Brickcraft does not offer support or guiding on how to use Iris, but it is a great mod to balance performance and quality.


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